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Fix small problems before they become more expensive

Not all contractors have the skills, product knowledge, and equipment to handle commercial roofs, but High Caliber Roofing does! Protecting businesses from The Carolina’s unpredictable weather conditions means hiring a roofing company that understands commercial roofing systems inside-and-out.

Commercial buildings typically have flat roofs. But whether your commercial project involves a flat roof or sloped roof, High Caliber Roofs has the expertise handle the job. 

Commercial Roof Repair. High Caliber Does it Best

The main challenge with flat and low-slope roofs is that they can develop “pooling” and water hold water which promotes weight stress, fungal growth, and wear.  As a result, a commercial roofing system consists of special materials to fight moisture intrusion. While standard sloped roofs typically have shingles that overlap so that water slides over them, a flat roof is a continuous surface capable of holding standing water until it runs off or evaporates.

TPO, EPDM, and other membranes become weathered, rooftops can crack, leak, and pick up dirt, diminishing their effectiveness and energy-saving properties.  High Caliber can address these problems and add life to your commercial roof.

Signs of Roof Damage:

Maintenance is Vital. Let High Caliber Help!

Annual cleaning of commercial roofing can provide leak-free protection and enhance energy savings. A clean, well-maintained roof ensures maximum roof material reflectivity and energy savings because its surface is resistant to dirt and discoloration.

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